Prospective Students: Please read this before sending me an email

I receive a lot of email from students requesting internship positions during summer/winter/6 months. It is hard for me to reply to every email. If you write to me and do not receive a response, please read the following for my standard response to such emails.

I do not offer internship positions because an internship of less than six months is too short to make any interesting contribution to our ongoing research projects. If you are interested in working on a research project, please consider applying for a Research Associate position or a Ph.D. candidate position. Please see my webpage or the department webpage for more information. I usually look for a commitment of at least 18 months from a prospective Research Associate. Ph.D. positions require longer commitments and admission to the Ph.D. program is much more competitive (see here for details).

Please look at our superoptimizer project page to know more about potential project opportunities.